the wait

8 pm

You always pinged me this time of the year!

9 pm

Zombies move around in symphony!

10 pm

Is it my thoughts or is it the loneliness?

11 pm

I have a soar throat, no more oxygen to inhale!

12 am

You always communicate when I am afraid, why not today?

1 am

I shrink in the bed, my arms are the only comfort to the tears!

2 am

Sleep evaded its friendship too, no more peace?

3 am

Beep, beep; beep, beep!

the communication – ‘Revenge baby; revenge! ‘

3.09 am

Good night darling…

trance tragedy #1

We were engrossed in violent love – ‘threesome’

whooshing air



An perfect concoction – ‘delight’

The water lay dead in front

Distant flashes of light – ‘life’

The dread of blink – ‘immortal gaze’

People change so fast!